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Hey girlfriend, welcome to our little corner of the website…I’m so happy you’re here!

When I was a little girl, I wanted to BECOME a nurse when I grew up. My mom is a nurse, so I became familiar with the medical profession early on. Dress up typically included scrubs and I thought all balloons had 5 fingers (think blown up rubber glove). So naturally, when I was old enough, I volunteered at the hospital and it was there I learned that I did not want to BE a nurse!

I wonder what you wanted to BE? I also wonder why we so often answer the question of what we want to BE with something we do?

Girlfriend, you are invited to BECOME!

Be-come (verb):
Begin to Be
Grow to Be

We are on a journey; all ages, stages, seasons, and status; all different, unique, beautiful! We are learning to BE, not just do.

We BelieveWe love God, are grounded in His Truth, and in relationship with Him.
We BelongNot only do we need a place to belong, but someone belongs with us.
We BegetWhen we are becoming who God has created us to be, believing Him, belonging together, it is becoming…others are drawn to Him!

Becoming women come as they are, they are welcomed and welcoming.
Becoming women are ministered to by God, and are ministering to one another.
Becoming women fill their own shoes, not another’s. No striving. No burden of self to do better, but to just BE and let The One who lovingly created you sanctify you through and through.

So BE.

Paula Voris
Minister of Women & Connection

P.S. A big thank you to all you nurses out there! I love the medical field, but realized it was best for me to be once removed from things like bedpans and beds with hospital corners! 🙂

P.S.S. Check out this video…these ladies capture the heart of BECOME…

Becoming Women from Second Baptist Church on Vimeo.

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