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AWANA Grand Prix

  • Children

You are invited to join us for an exciting evening at the AWANA Grand Prix on Friday, March 31, starting at 6:00PM!  The Pit Road Café will open at 5:30PM.

The AWANA Grand Prix is a Pinewood-Derby-style racing event with a nearly 50-year track record of fun and excitement. AWANA Grand Prix is more than just building a race car. It helps to build a bond between kids and their parents as they work together to design the best car ever!

When you come to AWANA Grand Prix, you will see how our clubbers have created their very own race cars from kits consisting of a block of wood and a set of wheels and axles. They then go head-to-head with other clubbers’ cars on race day. The top designs and fastest cars receive special awards while all competing clubbers earn a participating ribbon.