3111 E Battlefield, Springfield, MO 65804 Worship Times: Sundays at 9:30 and 11:00am

I want to start by thanking each of you for serving as a Second Medical Responder.

In the last 3 months we have had several 911 calls and each of these calls have ended with a positive outcome for our church members. There have been issues with some people not showing up for shifts. Please know that we are a valuable part of the worship team and people depend on us to be there.

If you need to trade shifts please make sure you change the master calendar, which will be posted in the main church office by the AED. As a reminder, here are the three shifts on Sunday:

1. SHIFT #1 8am – End of Second Service (10:45am)
2. SHIFT #2 End of Second Service (10:45am) – End of Third Service (12:30pm.)
3. SHIFT #3 5:30 pm. – End of PM Service (7:30pm.)

It is a true pleasure for me to work with each of you in this ministry. Each of us has been given a gift. I admire your desire to use that gift to make people feel safe when they are on our campus. If you know of others that would like to serve on our team please send me there name. Call me if you have any comments or questions. May God bless each of you.

Yours in Christ;
Debbie L. Ream

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