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Spring has sprung and many of us will be baring our feet in sandals or flip flops while others will continue to wear shoes. As we get ready for spring, our shoes and sandals need to be sprayed with Lysol to help decrease the amount of virus and fungus that grows in them. Whether shoes or sandals are worn, our feet need to be inspected daily. A good thing to do is to apply lotion to our feet to prevent dry cracked feet. As we all know, cracks in the skin are great avenues for fungus, viruses, or other micro bacteria to get in and cause problems with our feet. We need to remember that if you wear socks, you need to change them on a daily basis and cotton socks are the best for our feet. Having our feet look their best and feel their best helps us have an overall good feeling about ourselves.

To find out more about volunteering in this ministry or to have foot care provided to you, please call Jill McLoud at 417.886.8291.

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