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Psalm 67

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In 2017 at the Sing! Conference David Platt spoke on Psalm 67. He explains something about God that we have a difficult time grasping. God didn't save us for us. Psalm 67 is a series of verses that point us to the ultimate reason that God has saved us, namely for His own glory. The psalmist demonstrates this in a couple of ways.

First, God blesses us so that His way may be known on the earth. God deeply desires for the nations to know Him and His ways. His blessings exist so that we may bring Him the glory He is due. What is His way you may ask? His saving power among all the nations.

Secondly, God blesses us with salvation, love, provision and justice, so that we will worship Him! Look at verse 4, "Let the nations be glad and sing for joy". God desires our praise! He has reached down from heaven in the person of Jesus Christ, demonstrating His unequaled love for us, allowing His only Son to be the sacrifice for sinful humanity and a broken world, SO THAT, we will give Him glory. You may think that sounds selfish and egotistical. "Mark are you saying that God has an ulterior motive in blessing us?" No, God is saying He does. (totally stole that from Platt). He wrote it down in a book! What is the most unusual yet amazing way for God to get glory? By giving us himself. Wow, that will flat knock you over. He has shown us His great love for us, in offering His only son as an atoning substitute for us, SO THAT we will worship Him. SO THAT that nations will be glad. SO THAT we will fear Him.

Take a moment and read Psalm 67 before you come to church this weekend and think properly about the blessings in your lives, SO THAT you can give God the glory He is due!



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