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Hello, my friends! I hope you had a blessed Lord's Day last Sunday.  Both services were filled with Christ-exalting worship and the gospel message was heard and people responded. It was wonderful to observe the two ordinances of the church in one service! The baptisms were amazing and it's always good to remember what the Lord has done for us in observance of the table of Christ. And then wings on Sunday night! Woohoo! I don't know about you, but it doesn't get much better than that. Although, wings are way up on my love language spectrum, and it was my birthday, so that is what I call a banner day!

Needless to say, I was pretty exhausted when my head hit the pillow Sunday evening. And that's how it should be. My job now is to pray and seek the Lord for next Sunday. Don't you just long for that kind of Sunday every week? I know you do. I was reminded this week at just how important the work of the Spirit of God is. When things don't go as planned or just perfectly on a Sunday morning it's easy to get discouraged. Missed lyric slides, microphone cues, missed vocal entrances, or whatever, inevitably will happen. It's always amazing to me that on our best or worst days, the Spirit of God will do its work. The result is always up to the Lord. I can try my best, as we are instructed to do in Colossians 3:23-24, and try and execute a flawless worship service, but if the Spirit doesn't move, it doesn't matter. We still worship, we still do everything with excellence, but it is the Spirit of God that brings transformation. Not perfect vocals or great lighting, or a well-exegeted sermon. Apart from the Spirit, we can do nothing.

This is the gist of our focus song this week, "Here Again", by Elevation Worship. The lyrics poetically take us to one of those experiences with the Lord where it was evident that He was moving. We long for that place, but we can't "control what tomorrow may bring", but we are promised that not for one minute has the Lord forsaken us.  The chorus itself reminds us of our disability to conjure or emotionally awaken the Spirits work in us. It says, "I'm not enough, unless you come, will you meet me here again, 'cause all I want, is all you are, will you meet me here again." You know, without the presence of the Lord, the tabernacle was just an elaborate tent. Without the presence of the Lord, the transfiguration was just the top of a mountain in a storm. Without the presence of the Lord, those dry bones don't awaken. Without the presence of the Lord, we are unchanged. We can't conjure it, we can't make it happen by our effort, but we can ask. We can humbly and gratefully ask the King of Kings to send His spirit to meet with us. And he promises that He will be there! That is such a comfort when those waves of hardship or doubt come crashing into our lives. We can be sure that the God of all comfort is near. Amen!

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