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Have you ever had that season of really hearing from the Lord? Maybe you were blessed with a sense of being close to Jesus for an extended period of time where the fellowship was sweet and God was answering prayer? Or perhaps you have been through a dry valley recently. For some reason you haven't felt like praying or reading the Word.  Maybe you are struggling with a certain sin that seems to just keep rearing its ugly head and its just got you down and out.  Somewhere in the deep parts of your heart, you long for that sweet communion with the Lord that you had before.

This week's song talks song can help us out!  "Do it again" is a call from the deep places of our souls for the Lord to remind us and restore us to sweet fellowship with Him again.  The first verse looks at the children of Israel walking around the walls of Jericho.  They heard from their commander who heard from the Lord. So they started walking…and walking.  You've been there. The Lord has told you what to do, but you inevitably become impatient and begin wondering if this wall is ever gonna come down. And then, like always God remains faithful to His promise, in His perfect time and perfect ways. That wall comes down.

The second verse reminds me of Paul and Silas in prison. Beaten and bruised, feet in the stocks, and probably hurting pretty bad, they still worshipped. They still sang. The long, dark night of the soul won't last forever friends. God will remain faithful. Paul had seen the Lord do some amazing things.  His salvation experience being one of them! He had seen miracles and hundreds of lives changed. He knew that God would continue to do it again.

So, I don't know where you are at today. I don't know whether you are in a good or bad place. Neither place is too far from God. Whether you are still walking around that wall, or in a tough, Roman prison. God is faithful. Worship your way out! Keep walking! Remain faithful! Remember those days of sweet fellowship, repent, pray, search the word of God for direction. He will do it again!

Blessings friend!  Check out this week's playlists 9:30 and 11:00


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