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Another In The Fire

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This is Ryan Ward I am filling in for Mark this week while he is in Alaska.  This week’s Song Talks blog will be very brief because I am about to go get set up for the Vine service at Carrington Hall on Missouri State’s campus!  The Vine is an excellent ministry of Second Baptist that seeks to spread the gospel to college students on campus!A

Anyway, today I wanted to talk to you all about a song we led for the first time last Sunday in the 11:00AM service called “Another in the Fire”.  I have led the song many times at events such as student camps, college events, and disciple now events before, but this was the first time I was able to lead it in our own service here at Second. I was extremely pleased with how the song was received and it seemed like the congregation connected to it very well and very quickly. I love this song because it is rich with great Bible story references.

Specifically, the song references the story of Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt with the lyrics, “There is another in the water holding back the seas”.  It references the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego withstanding the flames in the fiery furnace with the lyrics, “There is another in the fire standing next to me”.  The song even references the awesome New Testament passage of Paul and Silas in the prison with the lyrics, “I can feel the ground shake beneath us as the prison walls cave in”.  This song references these awesome Bible passages to show that God’s Word tells us that He is with us at all times and He is working on our behalf.  The song ends with a refrain that states, “I’ll count the joy come every battle because I know that’s where You’ll be”.  The writers of this song want to remind people that in the good times, in the mundane times, and in the times that feel like a battle the Lord is present, He is holding back the flames and the waves in our lives, and He is breaking down prison walls that we feel have held us captive.

I hope that this Song Talks post can be a reminder to you of the Lord’s promises that He gives us through His Word.  I pray that it gives you reassurance that God is in the battle with you and that He will never leave you nor forsake you!  God is good all the time!

Have a wonderful week, I pray the Lord blesses you!

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