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Lord, I need You

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Lord I need you, oh I need you! Every hour I need you! You're my one defense, my righteousness, oh, God how I need you.

Sometimes I need to be reminded of things. For example, we recently changed our trash pick- up company which changed the day the trash gets picked up. I've missed it several times. And in a family of 7, that is NOT a good thing. I need to be reminded. My kids need to be reminded to do things like, brush their teeth, pick up their rooms and eat their vegetables…constantly. We are forgetful people.

Have you ever gone through a day and forgotten to acknowledge the Lord? A week? A month? We are forgetful people. We have a tendency to lean into Jesus only when we can't handle our problems or trials on our own.

After he finished writing "Lord, I need You" Matt Maher encouraged his listeners to remember that we ALWAYS need the Lord, not just in hard times, but in joy also. Psalm 40 strikes the delicate balance between trusting in Christ during hard times and in joy.

"He brought me out of the pit of destruction, out of the miry clay, he set my feet upon rock, making my footsteps firm. He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God."  Just a few verses later, he declares that he, "delights to do your will, O my God; Your law is within my heart."  So in the hard times of being afflicted by enemies and when the battle has been won and all is peaceful and calm, the psalmist rests in the Lord.

I can't help but draw parallels to what Second has gone through in the last several months. As we have been encouraged to weather our storms in prayer, leaning in to the Word of God through Ephesians, and seek wisdom in our search for a new shepherd, Second has exhibited a steadfast hope in the Lord. Has it been easy?  Not even close. Has it been joyful? Not always. Disappointment and heartbreak have ruled some of those moments. However, when we have leaned in, listened and heeded the counsel of the Lord, understood His plans and purposes are greater than ours and trusted in Him in good and bad, He has proven Himself faithful.  He always will. 

As we sing, "Lord I need You" this weekend, remind yourself of your need for Him. In good and bad, plenty and want, He is our Lord. We are His people.

Lord, teach our song to rise to you, when temptation comes our way, and when we cannot stand, we fall on you, Jesus you are our hope and stay.

Blessings church!








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