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Hello Song Talkers!  This week were beginning our Passion week with one big service on Palm Sunday!  The choir and orchestra as well as some of our Contemporary band members and singers will be leading us in worship, pointing us to the cross and Jesus sacrifice.  As we begin to think about the last week in the life of Jesus, let's read the Scriptures and check out a video that gives some wonderful background on the theological and cultural significance of Passion week.

Beginning on Palm Sunday April 14th, take time to read each section of scripture listed below.  Then, go to the video series and listen to noted scholars giving us some background on each day of Passion week.

Sunday – Read Luke 19:28-42 and Zechariah 9:9.

Monday - Read about Jesus at the Temple in Luke 19:45-20:8

Tuesday - Read about Jesus teaching at the Temple in Luke 20:1-40.

Wednesday - Read who Jesus said He was and the reactions in Luke 20:41-47 & Luke 22:1-6.

Thursday – Read Luke 22:7-46

Friday – Read Luke 22:47-23:48 and John 19:1-37.

Saturday – Read Luke 23:50-56 and John 19:38-42

Sunday - Read Luke 24 and John 20.

Check out the videos for each day of the week here.

Listen to the songs for Palm Sunday here.

Blessings church as you read and study God's word next week!


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