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Great Things

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"Oh, hero of Heaven, You conquer the grave, You free every captive and break every chain
Oh God, You have done great things, We dance in Your freedom, awakened to life
Oh Jesus, our Savior, Your name lifted high Oh God, You have done great things"

This is the chorus of a new song we will be singing at 11 next week and soon at 9:30.  Phil Wickham has crafted a song that speaks not only to the truth of what Christ has done in redemption but also, what He has done and will do in the life of the church.

In our current situation it would be easy for us to feel dejected, defeated and discouraged. However, if we consider the faithfulness of God through the long history of Second Baptist, we can only say with full confidence, "He has done great things!" Listen to the words of the second verse:

"You've been faithful through every storm. You'll be faithful forevermore. You have done great things. And I know You will do it again, For Your promise is "Yes and amen". You will do great things God, You do great things."

Many times it's difficult to see the "great" through the storm. The Old Testament character of Joseph is the classic example. Joseph endured difficulty after difficulty. His life was threatened, he as abandoned by his family, he was sold into slavery, he was falsely accused of sexual misconduct and thus thrown into prison. These "storms" proved to be the means of his exaltation. God worked His plan through the sinful decisions of Joseph's brothers and those in authority over him, to bring about the "great". He was exalted to second in command on Egypt and used to save countless lives during a famine and ultimately the saving of a nation. His words to his brothers upon the revelation of his identity is amazing, "It was not you who sent me here, but God." Gen. 45:8. Unbelievable.

In all the craziness of Joseph's troubles, the Bible continually reminds us that the Lord is with him. May we be found faithful as God is working His plan for our lives and our church in this season.

Check out "Great Things" here.




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