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NOEL - Christmas, from French Noël ("Christmas season"), may come from the Old French nael, may be derived in turn from Latin natalis, meaning "birth"

What a great word. Noel. This might be my favorite word of the season. What it describes in terms of Judeo Christianity cannot be mistaken…the birth of Christ. The birth of Christmas. This word takes on one of the foundational beliefs of our faith, the Incarnation. Yep, that's a fifty cent word. Here's the fifty cent definition from R. L. Reymond, the Incarnation is, "In the context of Christian Theology, the act whereby the eternal Son of God, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, without ceasing to be what He is, God the Son, took into union with Himself what He before that act did not possess, a human nature".  Yeah, say that five times fast.

I don't know if you have kids or not, but I'm telling you, for me the birth of my children is the single most amazing things that my eyes have ever witnessed…five times. This remarkable way that God has designed for men and women to populate the earth is nothing short of a miracle that happens thousands of times every day. Only this particular time a couple of thousand years ago there was seemingly an important ingredient absent. Two people. With God, all things are possible. Little Mary found herself to be with child and no husband, only a man that walked with her through some of the hardest months of her young life. Sounds pretty "husbandy" to me.

And many months later, she gave "Noel". Pretty incredible. The King of the universe, wrapped in swaddling clothes and laid in a feeding trough. This amazing story summed up in a song the choir will sing this Sunday by the same title. "Noel, noel, come and see what God has done." My goodness, come and see what God has done.  This incomprehensible plan laid out before the foundation of the world! What love! What majesty! What humility.  What drama. What divine agony 30 some years later when that same little Mary watched in horror as the her baby boy, the King of the universe, was crucified on a tree he breathed into existence.

Oh this isn't just any story, or any word. Noel. It is hope for mankind. It is life for those who believe. Recognize your need for this King and repent. Come and see what God has done!

Don't forget about our Christmas Night of Worship December 9th at 6pm! Come and worship the King!



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