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Well, the season is among us. Leaves are falling, we've had our first snow, and the stores are screaming Christmas!  People, I've been listening to Christmas music since May! Albeit just to get ready for our Christmas Night of Worship in a few weeks, but Christmas none the less. My kids are already making their lists and we are making plans with family. All this Christmas stuff is great, but something is certainly missing.

Why is it that we seem to skip over one of the greatest holidays on the calendar. Why is it that we miss one of the primary responses that people of God are supposed to exhibit, and jump straight to the gift-giving and getting? Did we miss being thankful?

I'm not sure how. I mean…I am, but why? Why do we miss out on this simple yet profound response to the goodness and faithfulness of God?

Many of us will sit around superbly decorated tables adorned with all the traditional Thanksgiving fare of turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, and a host of other tasty dishes. Perhaps this year there will also be corn. If there is, I have a proposition for you.

If there is corn, I would ask that you remind your fellow feasters of the first Thanksgiving. Nope, not the one with the Pilgrims and Indians sitting together at a huge table with lots of food and favor, but the one a few years prior. The one in which all that was given to every person that had survived the harsh winters and hot dry summers of those first years in Plymouth, was five kernels of corn. That's it. Five kernels. Legend has it that for many years following, the pilgrims and their descendants would begin each Thanksgiving meal with five kernels of corn. Each person around the table would lift one kernel and express thankfulness for something in their lives.

We will do this at my house. We will do something like this on Sunday morning at Second. Together as a family we will read together some of Psalm 136. This Psalm of thankfulness is a reminder to us of the goodness of our God. The refrain is infectious, "His love endures forever". Goodness, am I glad that is the truth! The mercy and love of God extends to the far reaches of our imagination. So give thanks this weekend church!  Give thanks for the season that we are in. It's a hard one. These seasons are for the testing of our faith, which produces perseverance. Give thanks for our Savior Jesus who rescued us from death by his own death on the cross. Give thanks to our God and King His wondrous creation.  Don't miss out on being thankful. It is the posture of the believer. It is the overwhelming response from the person that knows they have been forgiven, set free, and saved by grace. Give thanks! Give thanks! Give thanks!

Check out this week's playlist here.

Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving!

Mark and Allen

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