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As you may have noticed this past Sunday, we have torn down the stage to prepare for Fresh Grounded Faith this coming weekend. We are getting ready for a LOT of women to be in the building! Then to welcome the Getty's (who are leading worship for FGF) to the stage on Saturday night for a refreshing night of the gospel being sung with modern hymns and upbeat bluegrass music with an Irish flare. It's going to be a great weekend!

So for this week's song talks I just want to point you to some of the music that you will hear this weekend. I don't know how to explain it accept to say that if your soul needs a lift, if your heart could long for something true, this is the place to be on Saturday night. The Getty's, along with men like Stuart Townend, Bob Kauflin, and a few others are on the forefront of the modern hymn movement. They have written songs birthed out of a deep love for the Word of God and the Savior that it describes. The story of redemption woven throughout the pages of Scripture forms the witness for the lyrics of every single song. Ya'll…don't miss this concert!  Check out these songs and let them wash over your soul.

Listen here, here, and here

You can still get your tickets here!

 Please come and join us!  Our choir along with three other church choirs will be singing along with the Getty's! It's going to be epic!



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