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Okay, real talk. I've (Mark) been in ministry now for 16 years.  I remember bits and pieces of really good stuff, like seeing people come to Christ, great ministry events, powerful songs that brought people to their feet, but the bad stuff sticks out like a hippo in a sea of pink flamingos. Us ministers remember and wear that stuff for a while. I can remember hard conversations with people that flat out hated my guts, and therefore every song we ever sang in church.  I remember a 4 hour deacons meeting in my first church job where I was told that people "despised" me.  I can see their faces and hear the warlike tone in their voices.  Gets my blood boiling to this day. This isn't specific to ministry, but also in life. Like parenting. It's easy to remember the really hard times, difficult to keep the good ones in your mind. I have glimpses of family vacations and fun times.  I have short sequences of events that replay in my heart occasionally that bring great joy.  But I can replay the hard stuff word for word on repeat for days on end.  We have a tendency to rack up our list of failures in life, our sins of omission and commission, and do just that…instant replay till we have dug ourselves into a pit of despair.  So what do we do when we are living in that pit day in and day out?

Lift High the Name of Jesus. I know, I know. Cliché. Trite. But seriously, praise the Lord.  Why? Because your pit of despair did not go unnoticed.  Because on the cross, the wrongs we have done, and the wrongs done to us, were nailed to Jesus Christ.  So in failure, praise the Lord.  Repent and praise the Lord.  Don't wear it.  It has been worn by the creator of the world.  In wounds done to you, forgive and praise the Lord.  For you have been forgiven much.  Our jobs in this world is to Lift High the Name of Jesus. Serve with love and grace.  His power in us is greater than this world.  We are to share the reason for our hope (1 Peter 3:15). So all that see Him shine through us might bring the Father praise!

Have a great week.  Don't beat yourself up.  There is no "beating up" for those in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:1 Meyers revised version). The gospel has declared you guilt free. Preach it to yourself daily.  His grace is sufficient.

Check out Lift High the Name of Jesus here.

Get your Keith and Kristyn Getty tickets here.  You will love this concert so much. Young and old..even us inbetweeners 😉

Check out this week's playlist here.

Blessings Church.  Love you guys!






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