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So, okay…new songs. Not everyone loves them. Not everyone likes learning something new. Some people adore new songs and some churches sing new songs every week! We can't be one of those churches...exhausting. The primary idea behind corporate worship is that we gather together as the body and sing praise to God, be instructed in the Word of God and encouraged by the people of God, and it's hard to sing if you don't know the songs! So we strive to keep things familiar, but with some new nuggets occasionally.  This week at 9:30 is one of those new nuggets!

In July, I introduced a song to the 9:30 crowd that the 11:00 crowd has been doing a bit called "Glorious Day".  This raucous rising piece of music introduced by Passion a few years ago has captured my heart. I think because it's my story, it's your story, it's our story.

This song comes from two different spots in the Scripture.  The first is In John 11.  Jesus had heard that Lazarus was ill and had in fact died.  He decided to wait a bit to go to the city and be with his friend's sisters to show His disciples and others the power of God.  When he arrives in Judea, Lazarus had already been dead four days. "He stinketh" (KJV J). Mary and Martha both agree that if Jesus had been there Lazarus would have been fine, but alas, he remained in the grave…until Jesus showed up!  Now, you have to be my age to truly appreciate the gloriousness of Carmen's "Lazarus Come Forth". Carmen had this way of telling stories in song that captured my young active imagination.  The voice of Jesus thundering in the deadness of the grave of Lazarus at the climax of the song still makes the hair on my arms stand up.  Lazaurs…Lazarus…LAZARUS…I COMMAND YOU…COME FORTH!

The chorus of our new song screams, "When you called my name…I RAN OUT OF THAT GRAVE!" Just as Lazarus came out of the grave in John 11 upon hearing His name called by the Son of God, so did you and I!  Do you remember it? Do you believe it!? We came running out of the darkness of death into the glorious daylight of salvation! The other place in Scripture referenced here is at the end of the gospels when Christ defeats death by rising from the grave!

The bridge of our new song explains why we needed to be rescued from this grave.  "My sin was heavy".  Have you felt that?  The weight of your sin?  "I was an orphan".  We are alienated from our heavenly father…we need to be rescued, adopted.  "When I was broken, you were my healing".  He is near to the broken-hearted, and had adopted us into His family by the blood of Jesus and His resurrection.  That's a good reason this week to shout, "When you called my name, I RAN OUT OF THAT GRAVE!"

WOW! I CAN'T WAIT FOR SUNDAY! Some of you 11:00 people may want to stick your head in for the first song at 9:30, help us out a bit!

Check out the playlist here.



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