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This week on Song Talks we are going on a little musical journey.  No, not the band, although they are one of my favorites, but a musical journey through Sunday's set (July 8th)!  These songs depict the story of the believer's walk from death to life in a remarkable way.  The songs are a bit out of order, but follow me here…

 "Holy, holy, holy".  This word is the only word ever used of God in the superlative sense in the Bible.  Today we, would say something is good, better, best.  In ancient times, the language did not allow for those grammatical nuances, so the writers would simply repeat the word.  For example, when Jesus says, "Truly, truly, I say to you…" He is helping His listeners to understand what He is about to say is important.  So when a word is used three times, it conveys the utmost importance.  God is never called love, love, or just, just.  He is never referred to as kind, kind, or mercy, mercy.  He is referred to as holy, holy, holy!  He is completely other!  He is separate!  Worthy of praise!

 "What A Beautiful Name". His name is holy.  His name is the name above all names.  "That at the name of Jesus, every knee will bow…and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord," Phil. 2:10-11.  This name is special, given by God for the one that bore the sin of man, Matt. 1:21.  The name that demons fear, James 2:19. The name uttered by a repentant soul to receive salvation, Romans 10:13! The only name by which we are saved, Acts 4:12!  This name is powerful, wonderful, and beautiful!

 "Lord I need You". This holy God, this beautiful Savior purchased salvation for us.  What did we need to be saved from? In short, the curse of sin. Our first parents, Adam and Eve ushered the presence of sin into creation thereby fracturing all of God's work. Our fellowship with God was broken.  The wonder of creation was broken. The order of all things, marred and longing for restoration. We needed a Savior. We needed to be rescued and God knew it. From eternity past, a plan was made. A way back. Jesus left heaven to walk with mankind. He became one of us.  The apostle Paul said, "He became sin for us".  Jesus was sinless, fully man and fully God.  Satisfying the wrath of God, He went as an innocent man to a cruel cross…for us.  Lord, we need you.

 "Glorious Day". This weight of sin and shame on our lives was a burden that we couldn't carry.  We are "breathing but not alive".  We needed to be made alive!  Paul wrote in Ephesians 2 the most powerful words we find in sacred Scripture.  "But God".  While we were dead in our trespasses and sins, God made us alive in Christ.  Like Lazarus was called out of the grave by Jesus in John 11, we too have been called out by Jesus when He calls our name.  Let's run out of that grave, into a glorious day of living for the King!

 Check out the playlist here.



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