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In Christ Alone

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Wow! Summer is upon us! Vacations and long weekends at the lake! Summer camps, activities and family fun abound!  Just recently my wife and I took our kiddos to a blueberry farm and picked til our fingers turned blue. I love little excursions such as these to reach into my kids' lives and remind them of God's glorious creation. 

 As you are vacating and exploring the wonders of summer this year, don't forget about church!  There is nothing greater in the believers' life than congregating with God's people for a morning of worship!  We have given our wonderful choir and orchestra the month of July off to rest and rejuvenate and recruit!  When we come back in August we would love to have you join us!  Come on Wednesday night Aug 1st at 7:00pm, for our first rehearsal back after the break!

"In Christ alone, my hope is found, he is my light, my strength, my song."  These lyrics have permeated the church for the last several years in the modern hymn by Stuart Townend and Keith and Kristin Getty.  "In Christ Alone" has become a staple in almost every version of Christian Churches across the globe.  Its theme of hope in Christ and gospel story lyrics have touched tens of thousands of people. 

The song was the first collaboration of Townend and Getty after a "providential" meeting at a worship conference in 2000.  Getty sent some melody ideas to the songwriter and Stuart was captured by the first track on the CD.  He began to quickly jot down ideas and phrases.  Themes of Christ's life, death, burial and resurrection emerged.  The resulting implications applied to believers became a theme and a new song was born. 

Upon release of the song, Townend began to receive emails of the songs effect on people and how God was using it in remarkable ways. It was clear that "In Christ Alone" was to remembered in the annals of church music as a classic.  Sing with our worship band this Sunday morning this wonderful song of redemption and hope!

 Check out the playlist here.



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